Moosiko | Pricing for Middle & High School Guitar Classes

Affordable for Small and Large Guitar Programs

Comparable to the price of a lesson book or class fees

All plans come with a 3 week free trial

per year per student

0-99 students

per year per student

100-199 students

per year per student

200+ students

All Plans Include

  • Access via mobile, tablet, or laptop
  • 190 modern song lessons
  • Track student skills & practice time
  • Brandable for your school or class
  • Color-coded, simple song sheets
  • Audio feedback to assist ear training

How is Moosiko Different than Other Practice Tools

The difference with Moosiko is that it is not video-based instruction. It takes students through step-by-step manageable practice goals with the end product of learning a song. I really love this about the application because it mirrors the way that I would break down learning a song encouraging students to work in a way that is research-based and effective.

– Sarah Gulish, Ph.D Music Education

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Sarah Gulish, Ph.D