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“If we want to make music education more accessible in public schools, it needs to be fun. Teenagers want to learn Havana, not Oh Susannah.”

Dan Mascola

Dan Mascola, Founder Moosiko

What is Modern Band?

  • Teaches music using fun, modern songs
  • Teaches wide variety musical genres & diversity
  • Personalized approach for every class & individual
  • Modern instruments: guitar, bass, drums, keys, vocals
  • Focus on playing, creating, and performing
  • Embraces learning and production technology


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What if modern music is foreign to me?

That is ok. Older generations said the same thing in the 1960s about the Beatles. For whatever reason, humans have a strong bias toward music they listened to as teenagers. Music education should be designed for students and therefore needs to be relevant. This means that resources, materials, and curriculum needs to be refreshed every decade or so to keep up with the trends. Learning tools like Moosiko and programs like Little Kids Rock can help infuse modern music into your existing classes and curriculum.

Join the Modern Band Movement

How can you get involved?

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Looking to bring modern band to your music class? We can provide training, curriculum, tools, and resources to make that happen.

Music Directors

Want to create a modern band program for your entire district? We can help you plan, resource, and launch the program across multiple schools.


What better way to connect with your fans than teach them to play your songs. We can list your songs on our platform so thousands of students can learn to play and sing your songs.