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About Us

Moosiko is a startup in Boston, Massachusetts pioneering the use of adaptive learning technology in music education. Our song-first, teaching methodology, combined with our patent-pending recommendation algorithm, helps you learn new skills and songs faster through songs you love.

Music Adaptive Learning Technology

Learn Song First

Videos: Old….Moosiko Method™: New

Video-Based Lessons is Just a Faster Horse

Video-based content is great for informational learning, like how to potty train your dog. Video content is much less effective for learning physical skills. Do you watch a video to learn how to play sports? Learn how to juggle? Learn how to type on your keyboard? Guitar is no different. This is especially true for beginners, where the gap between watching video and figuring out what to do next is vast. Creating higher quality video-based guitar lessons is the same thing as creating a faster horse, as Henry Ford once said when building the innovative automobile.

Moosiko is a totally new way to learn guitar that focuses on deliberate practice through step-by-step instructions for your favorite songs. Our approach, which we call The Moosiko Method, combines a choose-your-own-adventure with our patent-pending adaptive learning technology, to provide a completely personalized learning path for each user.

Read more about The Moosiko Method here.

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Our Beginnings from Founder Dan Mascola

As a child, my parents made me take piano lessons with a private instructor. I did not like it one bit.  I didn’t like traveling to the instructor’s house. I didn’t have fun following her rigid lessons. I didn’t like the songs that we played. That one summer was the beginning and end of my childhood music journey.

It wasn’t until college that I took a renewed interest in playing music. My freshman-year roommate was a music major and had a spare guitar.  One day I picked it up and started playing and teaching myself. Since that day I have fallen in love with playing music and have taught myself many guitar skills as well as ukulele, banjo, harmonica, and piano.

During the early days learning guitar, I avoided private music lessons because I didn’t have the money and it was too inconvenient to find time and transportation. I mainly used YouTube which was semi-effective, but it took a long time to sort through the bad videos to find the good videos.  As a beginner, I didn’t even know the bad videos from the good videos. And a lot of videos spend time talking about parts of the instrument, theory, and vocabulary. I just wanted to play my favorite songs! I realized that I was spending more time listening to videos than practicing and playing.

Looking into other online guitar learning resources, it was clear they were all the same: video-based lessons. “How can I learn how to play guitar by watching videos,” I thought. “I wish someone would just tell me how I should practice the songs I want to play”.

This idea of learning the songs you love through a practice-based methodology evolved into what is now the Moosiko Method. Using this new method to teach myself, and then countless others, I saw first hand how it could teach new skills and songs in just days, instead of months.


The early days recording hundreds of audio files in my living room

“Unfortunately there is a stigma that learning guitar is hard. I don’t believe this to be the case at all. My goal in starting Moosiko is to help millions of others realize just how easy it is to play the guitar so they can partake in the joy of playing music.”

– Dan Mascola

Core Values – This our our promise to our customers & partners

  • Fun – No matter if you’re 6 or 96, playing guitar should be fun and never feel like a chore. We strive to make Moosiko a place you can turn to enjoy the magic of making music.


  • Expression – Playing a song for a loved one, enjoying friendship around a campfire, grieving after a breakup, letting out stress with the amp turned up, promoting a deeply held belief…playing an instrument helps us express who we are and how we feel. We want to shepherd that process by inspiring our users to express themselves more deeply and truly through music.
  • Learning Innovation – Our promise is to always help our customers become better guitarists by innovating at the forefront of the music and education industry.