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Modernizing the Next Generation of Music Programs

We combine adaptive learning technology, design, and audio engineering to create a modern and new approach to learning music. We strive to provide a fun, personalized learning path for students while giving teachers superpower assessment capabilities saving them loads of time. Our mission is simple: to empower teachers to create a classroom where more students can participate in the joy of making music.

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Dan Mascola: Founder & CEO

Madi Williams

Madi Williams: Marketing Manager


Matt Wojick: Lead Developer

Christian DeKnatel

Christian DeKnatel: Audio Engineer


Josie Kolbech: UX Designer

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Moosiko Strives for Equity

As a vendor providing tools, products, and support for the education industry, we believe the burden is on us to address equity in the classroom. Here are some things we do to make music education more equitable for both students and teachers:

  • Personalization: With our wide variety of musical genres and songs from the 1950s to today, we try to provide content for everyone.
  • Cross Device: Moosiko works on Apple, Android, and Windows devices as well as laptops, mobile, and tablets.
  • Multilingual: We’ve got a few Spanish-only songs. We’re working on building more multilingual songs over the next few months.
  • Gender Equality: 30% of the artists on our platform are female. We’ve got some ground to make up here!
  • Visual: Moosiko is ~80% visual meaning we minimize written instruction to ensure non-english speakers can use our platform too.
  • 508 Compliant: Use of multimodal information (colors, shapes, text, audio) to maximize accessibility.
  • Online & Offline: We are able to provide printed song sheets or digital PDFs to teachers or students when internet access is limited.

We know we can always do better, so please reach out if you have ideas on how we can improve.


Core Values – This our our promise to our customers & partners

  • Fun – No matter if you’re 6 or 96, playing guitar should be fun and never feel like a chore. We strive to make Moosiko a place you can turn to enjoy the magic of making music.


  • Expression – Playing a song for a loved one, enjoying friendship around a campfire, grieving after a breakup, letting out stress with the amp turned up, promoting a deeply held belief…playing an instrument helps us express who we are and how we feel. We want to shepherd that process by inspiring our users to express themselves more deeply and truly through music.
  • Learning Innovation – Our promise is to always help our customers become better guitarists by innovating at the forefront of the music and education industry.