The Moosiko Method™: A Better Way to Learn Music

Born out of frustration in trying to learn an instrument on YouTube and watching others struggle when teaching private lessons, the Moosiko team spent over 5 years developing a new method to practice and learn an instrument. The Moosiko Method™ supports existing music teachers by creating a personalized learning path for each user by focusing deliberate practice, resulting in a faster, easier, and ultimately more fun learning experience.  The Moosiko Method is best summarized by the great Michael Jordan:

You can practice shooting eight hours a day, but if your technique is wrong, then all you become is very good at shooting the wrong way. Get the fundamentals down and the level of everything you do will rise.”

– Michael Jordan

The work ethic of many of the greatest athletes all have one thing in common: deliberate practice. If you’ve ever played sports as a kid or been to a sports camp, you’ll remember there are always times carved out for skills training. Practicing footwork in soccer, dribbling drills in basketball, or slap shots in hockey are designed to build muscle memory through repetition. Even typing on a keyboard or texting on your cell phone is a learned skill that you build through repetition. Learning the guitar is no different.

Learn Song First

The Moosiko Method™ is curriculum agnostic and supports existing and new music programs in the following ways:

  • Students selects relevant songs they know, because we should only be playing what we love
  • Simple, visual lessons guide practicing the easiest tasks and build on top of it
  • Instructions focus on practicing correctly and deliberately through repetition
  • Lessons are always be working toward a goal: playing a song. Students will even be able to play the first verse after just 30 minutes of practicing.
  • Breaks and rest are built into lessons to aid in muscle memoryChord Progression
Simple visuals make learning easy and fun while quickly building muscle memoryLearn Next

New songs and skills are automatically suggested based on known skills

Moosiko exists to support teachers and students by making music more accessible in K12 music education.  By making learning easy, fun, and engaging, we hope that more students can partake in the joy of creating music with one another.

Happy playing from the Moosiko Team