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Drag and Drop Building

Easily drag and drop song structure to build and arrange your song. Quickly drop and move chords directly over lyrics as you write.

Drag & Drop Songwriting

Suggested Chords Songwriting

Suggested Chord Progressions

Suggested chords and progressions give you new and fresh musical ideas within your selected key making it easy to try different sounds for your song. Easily switch keys and transpose to find chords that match your vocal range.

Audio Recording

Record and save chord progressions, riffs, and vocal melodies to easily remember how your song sounds.

Audio Recording Songwriting

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Copyright Protection Support

All lyrics, chords, and audio recordings are date and timestamped to your unique account making it easy to show date of first creation for copyright applications.

Prompts to Get the Juices Flowing

Write a song about your favorite city

Pick your favorite subject and write a song about the key facts you learned

Write a song using only 15 words

Play or hum a simple melody and write lyrics to that

Pick an object you can see right now. Write a song about that

Write a song with where every line starts with the same letter

Write an anthem about something you are passionate about

Without mentioning it, write a song from the perspective of an animal

Simple Pricing


Build, write, organize and record your first 3 songs for free. Get suggested chords and share songs with friends.



Write unlimited songs with enhanced features such as rhyming dictionary, thesaurus, song prompts, and tips.



For music teachers that want to teach and support student songwriting in the classroom. Pairs with Moosiko learning platform.

$17/student per year

What is Moosiko?

Moosiko is a guitar and ukulele learning platform used by over 10k schools, students, and individuals that makes learning fun using over 400 popular songs, riffs, and melodies from the 1950’s to today. Even if you’re a complete beginner, Moosiko will help you learn a few chords and write a new song you love.