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Finger Position Tips

Student Video Recording

Student Video Recording

Song Sheets

Strumming Visuals

Skills Tracking

Google Classroom Integration

Skills for Any Type of Curriculum

Designed to work for guitar, ukulele, and modern band programs

  • Basic & Barre Chords
  • Chord Progressions & Strumming
  • Rhythm & Tempo
  • Melodies & Riffs (Staff and TAB)
  • Duet & Ensemble Playing
  • Music Theory
  • Playing Songs
  • Ear Training Exercises

Features Students Love

Being able to HEAR how it should be, and at the same time SEE how it relates to what you hear is awesome.

Chris B.

The colored lyrics are so much easier to read than other chord charts. I love the little dots, they help remind me of the chords.
Kim P.

No way! You have All About That Bass…no one else has that song, most sites only have classic rock stuff.

David M.