What is Moosiko?

Moosiko is a new and simple way for beginners to learn guitar. Click below to read why the Moosiko Method™ is the most effective way to learn guitar.

Over 500 people globally have signed up to learn guitar with Moosiko. We have more than 40 song lessons to pick from and we’re adding dozens more every month!

Why is Moosiko Better?


Learn at your own pace in the comfort of your own home. Save progress to learn a little more each day.

For You

Learn your favorite song. Every lesson is customized to teach a single song. No more boring exercises.


Moosiko’s proven learning methodology means you’ll be playing your favorite song in just 3 days.


First lesson is free. Then lessons start at $0.99 per song. No monthly subscriptions.

What you Learn with Moosiko

Chord Finger Positions

Simple visuals make it easy to learn how to play basic chords

Finger Positions

Chord Changes

Step-by-step instructions make it easy to practice and build muscle memory quickly

Chord Change

Chord Progression

Master common chord progressions that make up the basis for most songs

Chord Progression

Playing Songs

Color-coded song sheets make it easy to play and sing along to your favorite songs

Song Sheet