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Designed for Teachers, Fun for Students

Moosiko makes assessment easy for teachers, while boosting engagement for students 

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Students can choose from over 220 modern, fun songs and play along at their own pace resulting in higher engagement at home and in the classroom. Motivation is the #1 driver of success for learning a new instrument.

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Improve Time Efficiency

Fast & Slow Learners

Our adaptive learning technology allows students to progress at their own pace through asynchronous learning. Fast learners can move quickly onto new skills while slow learners take the time they need to practice.

Video: How Moosiko is used in the classroom

Track Skills

Track skills and practice time for each student using analytics and student video recording. Class stats make it easy to see how your entire guitar class is progressing. 

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Boredom Buster

High school band director Larry Williams explains the main benefits of using Moosiko in his guitar class.





Getting Started as Easy as Do-Re-Mi


30 Minute Demo Call

We’ll learn about your guitar program, provide a software demo, and answer any questions.


Create Account and Classes

Account signup and class creation takes about 2 minutes. We can onboard multiple teachers if necessary.


Invite Students

Add students one-by-one or bulk upload. Our Google Classroom integration makes student management simple too.

What Teachers Are Saying

My students are so focused because they have Moosiko

Matthew Wanken, Lakeville Area Schools MN

The is the only reason I took on 90 guitar kids this semester is because Moosiko is a tool I can actually use to manage it

Ted Zalkind, Yuba City Unified

When COVID hit, Moosiko was the only platform I could fully use for performance.

Michael G. Chicago Public Schools, IL