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We just launched a new songwriting tool to help songwriters write, record, and organize their songs in one place learn more here

Moosiko helps K12 schools boost student engagement through its unique learning and songwriting modules while saving time for teachers using skill tracking, video, and assessment tools.

Boost Student Engagement

Students can choose from over 400 modern, fun songs and learn at their own pace resulting in higher engagement and enjoyment. Motivation is the #1 driver of success for learning a new instrument.

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Boost student motivation

Personalized Lessons

Our adaptive learning technology allows students to progress at their own pace through asynchronous learning. Fast learners can move quickly onto new skills while slow learners take the time they need to practice.

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Teacher Time Saving Tools

Track skills and practice time for each student using analytics and metrics. Built-in video recording makes assessment easy and fast.

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Available Lessons

Guitar Not Your Primary Instrument?

Our beginner guitar curriculum has everything you need to learn and teach a successful guitar class

• 60-page training guide and curriculum

• Complete set of lesson plans, surveys, polls, and questions

• Rubric and assessment templates

• Free teacher access to Moosiko online practice platform so you can easily learn


School Success Stories


Modernizing an Old School Music Program

“I liked that it was an online practice and
assessment tool that it was
self-paced and gave students choice.”

A Farming Community Learns Songs They Love

“We’re an agricultural community that’s about 84 percent Hispanic. They learn some of the more
ethnic songs and
love that they feel represented,”


Helping a Music Program Adapt to Change



“Music education has changed tremendously in the last year. Moosiko is the perfect partner to deliver a new experience for our students.”