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Online guitar lessons provide an easy, affordable, and comfortable way to learn the guitar. There are many options for you to choose from. Which online guitar lesson is right for you? Read on to compare and contrast the options


Video-Based vs Song-First Approach

Almost all online guitar lessons use video-based learning. Video-based learning may seem natural (because it is kind of like an instructor), however if you want to play the guitar you need to play the guitar, not watch videos.

Moosiko is the only song-first approach to learning the guitar which makes learning more fun and effective. Read about Moosiko’s proprietary Moosiko Method™ to learn why the Moosiko approach is so effective. 

Here is a quick comparison.





Fender Play

Jam Play

Ultimate Guitar




Song-First Lesson Example from Moosiko

Video-Based Lesson Example from Fender Play


Luckily, online guitar lessons are all about the same price, between $10 – $20/month or $80 – $150/year if you pay upfront. This is significantly cheaper than in-person private instructors which can range from $20/hr to $100/hr depending on location.

Online Guitar Option


  • $9.99/month
  • 3 songs free
Fender Play
  • $9.99/month
  • Free trial
Guitar Tricks
  • $19.99/month
Jam Play
  • $19.95/month
Private Instructors
  • $20/hr – $100/hr

Flexibility & Personalized Learning

One thing to keep in mind when learning the guitar is how much flexibility you have to learn your favorite songs and not just follow a rigid lesson plan. Fender Play, Yousician, and many other video-based methods force you to follow their lessons with their songs, whether you like them or not.

Moosiko is the only online guitar learning platform where you can pick your own adventure through your favorite songs. Moosiko has over 180 songs from the 1950’s through today.

Moosiko Song-First

Which Online Guitar Lesson to Choose?

First off, online guitar lessons are a great way to go if you are just picking up the guitar or have messed around in the past. Ultimately choose an option that fits your personal style. We’re biased, of course, and think that learning songs you love is more fun and thus will keep you motivated to keep playing and learning.

If you’d like to try out Moosiko (first 3 songs are free), click here to sign up. 

Happy playing and best of luck on your guitar journey!