Larry Bird would shoot 300 shots before every Celtics game. Michael Jordan would practice at his house before attending regular team practice. Here is a story of Kobe Bryant making 800 shots at 5AM before a team USA practice during the olympics.

Michael Jordan

The work ethic of many of the greatest athletes all have one thing in common: deliberate practice. If you’ve ever played sports as a kid or been to a sports camp, you’ll remember there are always times carved out for skills training. Practicing footwork in soccer, dribbling drills in basketball, or slap shots in hockey are designed to build muscle memory through repetition. Even typing on a keyboard or texting on your cell phone is a learned skill that you build through repetition.  Learning the guitar is no different.

The Moosiko Method™ takes the same effective approach used in sports and applies it to learning the guitar. Results have shown time and again that with deliberate practice a beginner with no guitar experience can play their favorite song after just a few hours of practice. But it’s not just about the raw number of practice hours.  The key is the practice methodology that puts you on a track of rapid improvement. Once you are on this track, learning is dramatically accelerated and results come quickly.

Our mission at Moosiko is to spread the joy of making music by making guitar lessons simple and accessible. Our goal is to bust the excuses heard all too often: ‘I am not very musical’ or ‘I tried guitar once but couldn’t do it’ or ‘my fingers are too small’.  Learning the guitar is very easy if practiced correctly and deliberately.

Head on over to the Moosiko Song Page to try out Free Fallin’, Brown Eyed Girl, and many more songs.

Happy playing!