APME Webinar: Student Self-Guided Learning - Moosiko

The Association of Popular Music Education (APME) invited Moosiko to do a webinar on how Moosiko can support student self-guided learning for guitar, ukulele, and modern band programs. This 30 minute webinar covers the following:

APME Webinar

  • How to use intrinsic motivation to get students to practice
  • Why video recording is an effective self-assessment tool
  • Using multi-modal techniques (aural, visual, kinesthetic, call/respond) to appeal to a variety of learners
  • How self-guided learning makes performances more frequent, easier, and collaborative using tools like Soundtrap

Watch Webinar Here

You can learn more about Moosiko here:

Website: moosiko.com
  • Teacher Account: $119/year
  • Student Account: $14–17 per student per year based on # of seats
  • Free accounts are limited to three lessons for students
  • Help email: [email protected]