Yousician for Schools - Review

We work with a lot of VAPA music directors and sometimes I get asked how music education company Yousician for schools compares with Moosiko. Moosiko and Yousician are great music learning tools, but where Moosiko focuses specifically on the K12 market in music education, Yousician is more designed for the individual learner.

Yousician is designed to help individual users learn an instrument, they have a number of options, on their own. They have have a cool app you can download in the app store or google play store if you want to learn by yourself.

Yousician Bouncy Ball

Yousician’s Individual Bouncy Ball

Moosiko is designed specifically for K12 music education in schools and rolled out district-wide for school music teachers to help them boost student motivation in the classroom and save time with assessment tools and resources. Moosiko also offers a variety of PD resources such as curriculums, rubric & assessment templates, and lesson plans.

Moosiko Class Stats

Moosiko Tracking Student and Class Stats

Since Moosiko focuses on the K12 music education market, it has a few key advantages for school and district music programs:

  • Designed to be curriculum agnostic to support all types of school music programs. Although we have our own curriculum resources as well.
  • Supports all the state standards for K12 music education
  • Moosiko is a web-based product so students don’t have to download anything to their school devices. Yousician needs to download an app.
  • Lots of teacher features such as video recordings that make assessment easier, skills tracking to track progress of each student, engagement tracking. In fact Moosiko is designed specifically for teachers to ensure they can create a class of engaged students while saving them time and making their lives easier.
  • Supports duets and ensemble playing
  • Learning methodology rooted in deliberate practice. Yousician uses the bouncy-ball method.

Yousician is a great resource if you’re looking to learn an instrument on your own.

If you are a school music teacher, or district music coordinator or director, looking to use a music edtech product in your classroom that boosts student motivation while also giving you more visibility and saving you time, Moosiko is a better option.

Moosiko is being used by over 5,000 students across 55 schools from 3rd grade to 12th. We support guitar, ukulele, and modern band classes. If you want to learn more about how Moosiko can help you and your school music program, feel free to get in touch with us and request a demo!