Online Learning Platform - Moosiko

Practice and Assessment Platform for Students and Teachers

• Over 300 fun, culturally relevant lessons
• Supports all state music standards
• Easy and simple to use from gen Z to boomers
• Browser-based that works on any device
• Super secure that school IT teams love
• Designed for in-person and hybrid environments



Dozens of fun, kid-friendly songs for all ages and curriculums.

• Elementary music, K – 5
• General music, MS or HS
• Dedicated ukulele classes, all grades
• Modern and alternative music programs, all grades


Hundreds of popular songs and riffs for all skill levels.

• Beginner guitar, all grades
• Guitar I – IV, MS or HS
• General music, MS or HS
• Modern and alternative band programs, all grades

Moosiko can be offered school-wide for students not enrolled in music classes

A Crescendo of Features

Adaptive Learning

Our adaptive learning engine provides a unique learning path for each student

Skill & Engagement Tracking

Students and teachers get visability into core skills and practice time

Video Recording

A variety of rubrics to use as inspiration to customize your assessment criteria

Color-Coded Song Sheets

Simple and easy to read with built in metronome, tuner, and autoscroll

Audio Files & Diagrams

Thousands of audio files and backing tracks help build ear training

LMS Integrations

One-click, secure sign-on wth Google, MS Office, and other LMS integration points

What Teachers are Saying

My music students are so focused when using Moosiko, it helps them learn so much faster.

Matthew Wanken

Lakeville Area Schools MN


The only reason I took on 80 more guitar kids this semester is because Moosiko is a tool I can use to actually manage it.

Ted Zalkind

Yuba City Unified CA


Moosiko’s practice time and skill data helps me prove to my students that those who put in the time actually become better players.


Matt Hall

East Union HS District CA


What Students are Saying

Moosiko has really improved my ability to learn chords and riffs allowing me to discover many new songs I never knew existed before.

Saahil N.

San Jose, CA


Playing ukulele with Moosiko makes me feel so calm and relaxed. It is so simple and easy to use too.

Riley K.

Quilcene, WA


I like how Moosiko provides an abundance of songs to learn from varying decades. Having this type of variety inspires me to learn all sorts of new songs.

Brandon M.

San Jose, CA