Why Moosiko?

Moosiko breaks down songs into simple, step-by-step instructions to help you learn new songs and build skills quickly.

Get Unstuck

Moosiko is designed to get you through the steepest part of the learning curve, where most people get stuck.

Total Beginner

  • How to hold a guitar
  • How to tune
  • A few finger positions
  • Building arm strength


  • Play songs
  • Learn all chords
  • Chord transitions
  • Chord progressions
  • Strumming


  • Soloing
  • Fingerpick
  • Flatpicking
  • Hammers & Slides

Better Way to Learn Guitar

Current video-based lessons move too fast and bouncy ball apps are gimmicky. Moosiko’s simple, step-by-step approach focuses on what matters most: building muscle memory.

120 Songs and Counting 


No boring exercises or theory. We get right to it and teach using your favorite songs 🎸

The Moosiko Magic Button

The Moosiko Button

The Moosiko magic button recommends the perfect songs and skills for you to learn next. We’re not even quite sure how it works. 🤷

Sing Alongs Made Easy

Song Sheet

We learn guitar because it is fun to play and sing along to our favorite tunes. Our color-coded, easy to read song sheets make that easy. 🎶


Our two simple plans provide pricing flexibility for your lifestyle and never lock you in long term. We’re not about trickery here.

Free Plan

For those that want to pay per song lesson 🙂

  • 3 free song lessons
  • $3.99/song lesson thereafter

Member Plan

For those that want full access to our 120+ songs and the Moosiko Magic Button 😀

Cancel Anytime

  • Access to all song lessons
  • New skill recommendations
  • Personalized song suggestions
  • Skillset adjustments