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SALEM, MA (Thursday, November 5, 2020) – East Side Union High School District (ESUHSD) in San Jose, California, initiated a partnership with Moosiko today. Through this new collaboration, seven schools will be using Moosiko’s innovative and adaptive online practice and assessment platform to learn guitar.

Like many districts across the country, ESUHSD is doing distance learning for the fall semester and possibly the entire school year. Music teachers needed an online tool to keep the guitar program progressing. Moosiko, which uses the same teaching methodology as the teachers use in the classroom, was the perfect option to keep students engaged and motivated from home. Teachers who are struggling with the challenges of virtual learning have been particularly impressed with the strong engagement rate of students who use Moosiko. Data indicates that 94 percent of students who use the program are “highly engaged.”

Students can apply what they are learning in class to their at-home practice and follow an iterative step-by-step process to learn fun, modern songs by current favorites such as Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift or timeless bands like the Beatles, Journey, and The Righteous Brothers. Teachers can assess students quickly and easily by viewing practice time, skill progress, and songs learned.

“We’ve designed Moosiko to strengthen the teacher/student relationship, and I’m excited to see how administrators at ESUHSD can use our engagement and skill-tracking data to enhance their music programs district wide,” said Dan Mascola, founder and CEO of Moosiko. “For the first time, districts will have the ability to analyze skills and view video progress for every student over time. We know students and teachers at ESUHSD are already loving Moosiko and we hope to bring the same joy to administrators.”

Moosiko strives to make music education more equitable for both students and teachers, and the product focuses on personalization with a wide variety of musical genres and songs; multiculturalization with Spanish, Korean, and other songs; and accessibility with multimodal information. In addition, 30 percent of the artists on the platform are female and—because 80 percent of the platform is visual—English language learners can successfully access the program.

“We are delighted to launch this partnership with Moosiko and allow our music students to have access to this dynamic and personalized platform,” said Ken Ponticelli, district music coordinator for ESUHSD. “Education has changed tremendously in the last few months. Distance learning has created challenges with delivery of instruction. As such, we need tools that will keep students engaged and enthusiastic about learning at home and at school. Moosiko is the perfect partner to deliver that kind of experience for our students.”

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