TrueSpeed™ Autoscroll - Moosiko

All we’ve ever wanted to do was play guitar hands-free. We hated stopping to turn the page, stopping to scroll down the lyrics, or hitting those stupid “+/-” buttons because current autoscrolls are either too slow or too fast. So we took to the drawing board and we’re happy to announce and launch TrueSpeed™ Autoscroll.

TrueSpeed Autoscroll moves to the exact speed of every song, no adjustments required. By taking song duration, lyric length, tempo, and device size into account, we automatically adjust scrolling speeds so you can play and sing hands-free for the entire song.

TrueSpeed Autoscroll

Watch this video to see how TrueSpeed works.

But there’s more!

We also display capo positions so students can play in the same key of the original song (about half of our song lessons are transposed to easier keys for beginners, half are in the original song keys).

Capo Display

TrueSpeed knows exactly where you are in the song as you scroll through so you can easily tell students, “Lets play the second chorus starting at 2:07” or “Let’s pick up at three minutes, start of the bridge”.

By default our songs will autoscroll at their true speed, however we do allow you to slow down the song since beginners may struggle with the original tempo. This is great for assessment where you can tell students, “Play this verse at 80 bpm”.

Temp Adjustments

We also include a metronome you can toggle on/off to help keep rhythm.

Watch more feature vides on our Youtube Channel or request a live demo here.

Happy hands-free playing!