Student Video Recordings - Moosiko

Video-based assessment has been the only way to grade music classes this year. But collecting, organizing, and keeping secure hundreds or thousands of videos is a pain. This is why we’ve built student video recording and teacher feedback directly into the app for a seamless, easy experience for students and teachers.

With our new built-in video recordings, you’ll be able to capture and assess students a whole lot easier:

  • Students can easily submit video recordings for skills or song lessons they are learning
  • Shy students can record themselves when comfortable and submit for assessment
  • Teachers can view videos and provide feedback via a note or video directly to the student
  • Videos and feedback are all organized in one place for easy reference
  • Works on computers, tablets, and phones

Moosiko Student Video Recording

Video submissions are organized all in one place on the teacher’s account with filtering for student, date, class, or skill:

Moosiko Video Assessments

Moosiko Video Recording

Teachers can send feedback directly to students via a note or a video:

Moosiko Video Feedback

A few more features worth mentioning:

  • Videos automatically tagged with lessons, skills, and songs
  • Teachers have total control of all student videos and can delete any if necessary
  • All videos are encrypted and stored on US servers
  • All videos are private and can only be viewed by logged in students and teachers

Get in touch here if you want to learn how our built-in student video recordings can make assessment easier for you and your students.