Proof of Owership & Copyright Protection - Moosiko

The moment a song or musical work is written down, ownership belongs to the author. Moosiko’s songwriting builder helps protect your musical work by providing date and timestamped digital proof of ownership for your songs.

Moosiko Song Proof of Ownership

A musical work is defined as a composition of lyrics and musical components (chords or notes). Moosiko automatically issues a digital proof of ownership certificate for your song once you’ve added at least one lyric and one chord. Lyrics alone are not considered musical works, but can be protected under a separate copyright. Sound recordings are also a separate copyright. Learn about the differences here.

Moosiko’s proof of ownership is not a copyright, however you can use our date / timestamped certificate to apply for a copyright in your respective country. In the US, you file a copyright for your song through the US Copyright Office.

We know all this sounds confusing because unfortunately music copyright law is. This Musicians Copyright Guide provides a simple overview to help you understand the option you have to protect your songs.