Online Learning: How Do Guitar Instructors Survive COVID-19? - Moosiko

COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on guitar instructor businesses, many of whom rely on in-person lessons for a good portion of their income. A number of instructors we’ve recently spoken with have seen a 60% – 80% drop in their business and are now scrambling for online lessons. Having to transition to online lessons can be new and a little scary, but we’re here to say you don’t have to do this alone.

Moosiko can help.

Moosiko Learn Guitar

What is Moosiko?

Moosiko is an online practice tool to help students learn guitar through easy-to-understand graphics and lessons. Moosiko offers a great structure for students to practice skills without getting bored, by including a wide variety of songs from many different genres.  With over 170 songs from the 1950s to today, Moosiko is great for any age.

Our color-coded song sheets make it easy and fun for your students to play songs they love. By keeping your students more engaged and playing, they are more likely to want to continue lessons, even if remote.

Moosiko Blank Space Song Sheet

And the platform is completely white-labeled so you can brand it as your own business. This is really important because you want your students to feel like you are continuing to invest in them by providing modern tools to learn and grow on their guitar journey. 

How does Moosiko work for instructors?

By providing skill, practice, and engagement trackers, instructors can follow each students’ progress to see what they are practicing and for how long.

View individual skills for each student to provide personalized instruction and share their progress.

Moosiko is a great supplement for instructors trying to move their lessons online due to COVID-19. It provides a means for instructors to keep students engaged and having fun. And Moosiko helps students progress at a faster pace by offering dynamic, simple practice guidance.

How much does Moosiko cost?

Moosiko is offering its platform free for instructors until April 30th to help those transitioning to remote lessons. 

Regular pricing is $4.99 per student seat per month billed for guitar businesses. You only pay for students using the platform. Moosiko does not charge the student directly. 

Can I pass the fee on to the students?

That is up to you. The purpose of Moosiko is to provide your business with a valuable tool for your students. Some instructors increase their rates $5/hr and some charge the students $5 – $10/month. In both cases instructors typically net a profit of a few hundred dollars per month when using Moosiko and students are happy to have a new practice tool. 

During the COVID crisis, many instructors are choosing not to pass on the cost because their goal is to keep students engaged to minimize cancellations. As one instructor told us, “$50 to keep my business going for the next 3 months. That is a no brainer.”

What teaching method does Moosiko use?

We get this question a lot. Moosiko is method agnostic because we believe the method should be up to the guitar instructor. Some teachers on Moosiko use the Berklee method, some use Hal Leonard, and most actually have their own. Moosiko is designed to be customized to support any method by focusing on the underlying foundation that all students must practice. 

Moosiko is a simple, affordable way to help transition to online learning. We’re offering our platform free through the end of April because we’re committed to helping instructors make the switch to online learning seamlessly. Click here to get in touch if you’d like to start a free trial.