Moving at Their Own Pace: How to Best Support Students in Guitar Class - Moosiko

Teaching group guitar lessons is tough because students move at different paces when learning an instrument.  Part of the problem is that using a typical syllabus or curriculum provides a linear, rigid learning path that assumes everyone moves at the same speed. Of course students learn at different speeds which can leave some students feeling left behind, and some feeling bored and uninterested. As a teacher, you’ve got a difficult choice to either support the fast learners or slow ones. A better way is to allow students to learn asynchronously.

Moosiko is an online guitar learning platform that allows your students to work at their own pace. With over 190 song lessons, Moosiko lets students get through songs at a speed that works for them. Each lesson offers in-depth explanations of how to play each chord with photos, diagrams, and written descriptions.

Moosiko guides students through chord transitions and strumming patterns, and teaches them how to practice. Students can take as long as they need to on each part of the lesson. When a student learns how to play a song, they receive suggestions from Moosiko on what the next song they should learn is. The suggestions allow them to build on their already established skills. 

The Moosiko lessons are able to be filtered by skill, chords, chord progressions, and strumming patterns. If you want your students to spend time learning songs with the chords G C Em Am, you can use our progression tracker to find all songs with those chords in any order.

Moosiko's chord progression tracker

Moosiko’s chord progression tracker

Each button has all the songs in the library with that progression listed. You can provide a list of songs for your students to go through, and each student can get through as many as they individually can.

Moosiko offers over 20 genres of music for students to choose from, and we are constantly growing our library. There’s something for every student.

If you or your school is interested in Moosiko, click here to request a demo.