Moosiko Launches Ukulele for Gen Music Classes

The #1 online learning platform for K12 music classes now supports ukulele for school general music classes. Using the same core Moosiko learning principles of deliberate practice, fun/relevant songs for students, and skill tracking and assessment tools for teachers, Moosiko now supports school ukulele classes and general music classes typically found at the elementary and middle school level.

Learn Ukulele

“School guitar classes tends to be an elective in middle and high school,” said Dan Mascola the founder and CEO of Moosiko. “Adding ukulele allows us to help teachers and students in younger music programs often found in general music or elementary music classes.”

Ukulele is a natural extension of Moosiko’s online, adaptive learning platform that boosts student motivation through modern fun songs and saves time for teachers using skill tracking and video assessment tools. Moosiko already has a few customers using ukulele in their elementary and general music classes and is seeing similar benefits as their guitar classes: students are more engaged and making progress faster while teachers get an effective teaching tool.

“Our number one feature request from our guitar teachers was doing the same for ukulele as many of our customers often teach both instruments,” said Dan. “Ukulele has grown in popularity over the last decade replacing the recorder as the instrument of choice for elementary music programs.”

Moosiko is offering limited free pilots for the remainder of this school. Get in touch if you are interested in getting a free pilot setup for your ukulele class or schedule a meeting directly for a time that works for you.

Looking to purchase class ukuleles? We’re partnered with a national reseller to get you affordable ukuleles and guitars delivered directly to your classroom. Ask about our instrument trade-in programs as well as bundling options to save. Email [email protected] if you’re interested in instrument or accessories for next school year.