Moosiko Student Awards | 20/21

Our mission at Moosiko is to create more lifelong musicians in the world. In order to hold ourselves accountable and make sure we’re achieving that goal, we measure our impact at a very granular level. This allows us to see our total impact as well as recognize some of the most accomplished students across our entire customer base.

Before we get to the Moosiko Student Awards, let’s first take a look at our 2020/2021 music education impact.

Few Thousand New Musicians

One of the aha moments for many of our teachers this past year was just how much practice time and skills students actually learn when you start to measure it. “I had no idea Kyrsten was practicing 3 hours a week,” is a comment we often heard. We had thousands of newbie guitar and ukulele students learn new skills and new songs this year.

Moosiko Totals

Total Stats Across Moosiko Community

  • Most of the 35k skills learned are simple chords, progressions, and basic melodies. While this may not seem impressive, learning the foundation of basic skills allows students to play hundreds of songs they love, which is critical to boost motivation and support continued learning.
  • Happy Birthday was our most popular song, which is is great because students are likely learning it to play for others. Other popular songs spanned a wide variety of genres and eras: A Thousand Years, I’m Yours, Adore You, Surfin’ USA, Counting Stars, Feliz Navidad, and Fly Me to the Moon to name a few.
  • Students recorded over 4,000 videos using our built-in recording feature making assessment easier for teachers. That is 4,000 less clicks, file downloads, file uploads, file renames, file saves for teachers. And students now have a video portfolio of their learning progress they can continue to build upon.

Student Average Stats

This past year was a tough year…obviously. Of the ~5k students our teachers onboarded, ~65% were engaged on a weekly basis, so we need to do better. Student engagement is one of the primary metrics our teachers and district educators track and we’re continually working with them to build features to help on this front. As for the engaged students, here are some average stats:

Average Moosiko Stats

Average Moosiko Stats per Student


What Students Have to Say

No only do we want to measure quantitative progress, but we also want to hear directly how we’ve helped students’ musical journey. Here are some student testimonials that speak to our impact the past year:

“Moosiko has helped me become a better guitarist by its simplicity and tools” – Jen from Quilcene, WA

“I really like it cause i wanna start writing my own songs on guitar and Moosiko has really helped” – Charlotte from Quilcene, WA

“I like how it really splits up each song into its respective parts, and teaches every part necessary for you to be able to play it. It has really improved my ability to learn chords and has allowed me to discover many new songs I never knew existed before.” – Saahil from San Jose, CA

“What I liked about Moosiko is that I have more freedom in what I want to learn rather than being told what I should learn, there is also a feature to record myself making it easier to track progress. It’s helped me learn guitar in the fact that I cannot slack off on the website. The website tracks how long i’ve been on it so there is no lying to myself and I know if i’ve been putting in the work or not.” – Brandon from San Jose, CA

“Moosiko’s interface is simple enough that I can pick and learn any song form the site pretty quickly. I also like how it tracks your journey and allows you to view your growth!” – Darlyn from San Jose CA

Moosiko Student Awards

Learning a new instrument isn’t easy. It takes hard work, practice, and dedication. We’d like to acknowledge and congratulate those students that topped our nationwide leaderboard for most skills, songs, and practice time learned this school year. These students rose up among thousands and will receive a free guitar and a lifetime subscription to Moosiko to continue their journey in making and playing music.

Most Practice Time

The practice time was so close we had to mention the runner-up, May Ta, who is in the same guitar class as Sree. It’s impressive that Sree and May practiced an average of ~3 hours / school week for the entire year!  Students from East Side Union High School ranked in the top 5 for all categories so shout out to them on a really successful guitar program.

Practice Time Runner Up

Most Skills Learned

Congrats to all the music students that pursued learning music during a wild and crazy year. We hope this is just the beginning of your musical journey.

And special thanks and BIG SHOUTOUT to all the music teachers this year. You persevered through it all. Have a wonderful summer break.

Rock on and see you next year 🎸