Modernizing Private Guitar Instruction - Moosiko

It’s 2020 and technology is everywhere. According to Pew Research Center,  81% of people in the U.S. own smartphones. Using technology in education prepares students to actively participate in society, and guitar instruction is no exception. It’s important that guitar instructors continue to develop and adapt to different trends in education so students can stay engaged while in lessons and feel motivated to practice. If students feel that they are being taught in an antiquated way, they may not feel as motivated to continue lessons, hurting your business. It’s time that guitar instructors connect where students spend most of their time, on their phones. 

Incorporating technology into teaching techniques is an important part of modernizing guitar instruction. Physical guitar lesson books are definitely helpful, but they pose three major flaws: 

  1. Guitar books don’t offer a wide genre variety,
  2. Guitar books lack the flexibility to personalize the curriculum for each individual student,
  3. If the book comes with a playback option, that option is normally in the form of a CD (wait, what’s a CD?)  

Sure, there are different types of books, but it is not often that one would find “Don’t Stop Believin’” and “Thank U, Next” in the same lesson book. People have diverse music tastes, and it’s important to allow students the freedom to learn songs from all areas of their musical interest. Also many new laptops don’t come with disk drives, so many students aren’t able to use their CDs without purchasing an external disk drive. 

The solution to these problems? A supplemental online program that has a variety of genres and songs, and has playback options so students can hear if the chords they are playing are correct. 

Moosiko provides an ever-growing library of lessons for songs of all genres. Moosiko accepts requests for music through social media and email, so students can truly learn anything and everything they want to learn. Moosiko is a great companion to in-person guitar instruction, with or without a lesson book, by showing chord names and chord charts on all of the song sheets, and giving step-by-step instructions for each song.

Adding Moosiko can help lessons move quicker. Tedious practicing in class can prevent a student from progressing as quickly, and may result in students losing interest. Creating a structure for that practice to be outside of the classroom can create more time for instructors to give high value instruction in the classroom while students have fun practicing outside. Raising the value of instruction during lesson time can increase retention rates, and can lead to obtaining more students. By modernizing guitar instruction with Moosiko, instructors increase their income by retaining students longer and and adding new ones.

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