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What is Laxed (Siren Beat)?

Laxed (Siren Beat), by Jawsh 685, is the most viral song on the social media app TikTok. It was created by a 17 year old in New Zealand. The song has a specific dance and was originally used to show off different cultures. Nobody knows quite why it went viral but it has been used in 55 million videos to date.

Since so many teens love this song, we decided to arrange a chord progression and sheet music for this catchy tune so students could learn it:

Laxed Siren Beat Sheet Music

Click Here for Laxed (Siren Beat) Sheet Music

Sheet music includes:

  • Tab and standard notation for the melody
  • Chord progression
  • Strumming pattern
  • Link to TikTok sound and dance

Watch the dance here:

TikTok Laxed

Keep a close eye on the music coming out of TikTok. Students are beginning to request these songs, covers, and clips more and more.

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