It's All About Data - Moosiko

The data tidal wave seems to be crashing over the education system. Superintendents, principals, and researchers are demanding data to evaluate the effectiveness of programs, platforms, and initiatives. We understand how overwhelming this can feel as a teacher and we want to help. 

What is most important to you is the student progress of learning music. Data can be a valuable tool to validate the success of your students and the effectiveness of you as an instructor. This validation is not only useful for your personal morale and being a more effective teacher, but can be very useful for promoting the music education program in your district.

Moosiko’s data-driven approach is designed to help your cause by offering skills tracking for all students. We measure the following metrics:

  • Practice time
  • Number of chords learned and what they are
  • Number or chord transitions
  • Number of progressions learned and what they are
  • Strumming pattern metrics
  • Number of song lessons completed and which ones

Moosiko gives you hard numbers to leverage. An instructor whose students practice 30 minutes a day and learn on average 2 new chords per week can make strong statements about the progress of their class. Similarly, a school district whose students clock hundreds of hours of practice time and whose students show real interest may be more willing to put funding into music education.

Moosiko is a great tool to track data for your program to help bolster and validate the success you’re already providing to students. If you’re interested, click here to request a demo so we can show you some of our skills tracking features.