All About That Bass to Abbey Road: Genre Diversity in Guitar Instruction | Moosiko

Guitarists are needed in every genre. From rock, to pop, to musical theatre, there is a huge call for guitarists at all times. In a hyper-competitive world, however, it’s important that guitarists are marketable. The best way to ensure your students’ marketability is diversifying their repertoire so they can be a professional chameleon.

Being able to cater to different musical interests is an important part of growing your student base and revenue. Having multiple class types, such as electric guitar, classical, and finger picking, can show you that you are capable of teaching lots of styles.

Offering different genres and styles sounds challenging, but there is a really simple way to help your students diversify their repertoires:


Moosiko has an ever-growing library of over 170 lessons in 20 genres! It offers colorful graphics and simple lessons that help your students progress quickly. Having a variety of content will help your students stay engaged and motivate them to practice, thus increasing the rate of progress.

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