Flipping Private Guitar Instruction - Moosiko

The flipped classroom model has taken standard education by storm – why not incorporate it in private guitar instruction, too? Rethinking how you structure your 1-on-1 lesson time allows you to increase revenue by taking on more clients while ensuring the same progress with students. 

In a typical classroom model, students learn the material in class, and apply material outside of class in homework, or in this case, practicing. Having to apply concepts and skills unassisted can be a source of stress for many students, and can make teachers feel like they haven’t done their jobs correctly. However, if students learn the new material on their own, and then come to class with questions, the students can learn at their own pace, and can learn how to apply the new concepts in a more personalized way.

What is the flipped classroom model?

It’s quite simple! Flipping the classroom means project based learning and 1-on-1 assistance happens in class, and new instruction happens outside of class.

WAIT! Before you close the tab, bear with me for a second. 

The flipped classroom model makes sense for guitar instruction. Oftentimes in a typical lessons, students learn how to play a few chords, then how to transition between those chords. In a 30 minute lesson, when you factor in review from the week prior, that’s really all that can be taught. 

If students were able to come in already having practiced the chords and the transitions, then 1-on-1 lesson time can be used to help students where they are struggling, challenge them, and teach new skills like strumming patterns, finger picking, and solos. Students could progress through material much faster by learning the tedious skills (finger positions, practicing transitions) at home. They could really take their time at home, so by the time they get to the precious in-person instruction, they’re ready to learn more advanced techniques.

Now this all sounds fine and good, but creating this kind of lesson structure would take a lot of work, wouldn’t it?

Moosiko’s web-based guitar teacher platform allows you to assign practice lessons. Moosiko offers over 170 song lessons, teaching tons of chord progressions and transitions. It also offers structured practicing, so your student can track their practice time, and won’t get too bored. It has color-coded song sheets that have chord shapes listed with the chord names, so it’s easy to read and understand for all students. Moosiko offers songs from all genres, and has the ability for you to submit suggestions for songs to add! 

And the Moosiko platform is branded as your business, so you continue to build value with students.

Thinking about how to structure your student engagements differently using Moosiko allows you to add different revenue streams and optimize your rates to increase revenue and bring in more clients.  

Moosiko serves as a great companion to private guitar instruction, especially with the flipped classroom method. Click here to request a demo of the product!