9 Ways to Get Parents More Involved in Virtual Learning - Moosiko

Virtual learning is becoming more and more prevalent in today’s society, thrust into the spotlight with a global pandemic. While students are responsible for acclimating to this new learning environment, parents may play a bigger role in virtual learning than they may realize. In a 2010 research study done by the Journal of Interactive Learning, parent involvement was shown to have a positive impact on a number of academic outcomes such as increased grade point average (G.P.A.), increased mathematics achievement, an improved writing skill and enhanced reading skills. 

“Overall, the students with parental involvement have grown the most during this time of teaching online.

– Moosiko Guitar Teacher

Moosiko encourages parent involvement during the virtual learning process. While learning music virtually raises new challenges, we ensure that students have all of the tools to succeed with proper guidance and support. Based on our experience, we have compiled a list of 9 ways for parents to get more involved in your virtual music classes.

  1. Reach out directly– Teachers can offer their phone number to parents, letting them know that they can reach out. While emails reach some parents, we realize and understand that they do not reach everyone. Texting or messaging apps such as WhatsApp or FB messenger may also be a good option. 
  2. Reach out when things are going well– Teachers should reach out to parents when things are going well to offer praise and encouragement. Don’t just wait to make contact when things are going poorly.  
  3. Encourage parent/child duets– If a child’s parent can sing, encourage them to perform a duet with their child on Zoom or pre-record it to share with the class. Moosiko song sheets make playing and singing easy.
  4. Get directly involved in assignments– Teachers can suggest having family members sing together, clap a nursery rhyme in different dynamics/tempos while they move to respond to the changes, etc.
  5. Create a kitchen band– Family members can use pots, pans, spoons, cans, cereal boxes, etc. to perform a song the student is learning.
  6. Make use of tech tools– Parents can learn an instrument alongside their child. Moosiko makes it easy for anyone of any age to learn to play guitar! 
  7. Participate in informal surveys– Send an informal survey to ask if parents know songs in different languages that they could record or share. This would allow students to learn songs from other cultures. For instance, Jewish parents could record and share Chanukah songs.
  8. Suggest influential songs– Ask parents to share the most influential songs from their childhood and why they liked those tunes. 
  9. Learn songs for special occasions– Teachers can encourage students to learn songs to play for a sibling or a parent on his/her birthday. Our song library is 100% student requested so students can use music during these occasions. 

These are 9 ways parents can help support you and your child during virtual learning. In using these techniques, parents can be assured that they are helping cultivate a successful virtual learning experience for their child.