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Trala is a fantastic app that teaches Violin using video-based lessons. Trala is perfect for beginners and claims to help violinists learn songs like “Amazing Grace” in the first 30 days.

Trala uses video-based methods similar to many online learning platforms, such as YouTube. Videos are good for information learning but not great for physical learning, like playing an instrument, playing a sport, or even sewing.

Moosiko is the #1 online learning platform that focuses on deliberate practice. We’ve perfected our practice methodology over the last few years and promise that beginners can learn the first line of their favorite song in just 30 minutes. Read more about the Moosiko Method here.

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TrueSpeed™ Autoscroll for Hands-Free Playing


Moosiko Ukulele Lesson

Moosiko Teaches Ukulele in Step-by-Step Lessons. Great for Kids!