How Much Are Guitar Lessons? - Moosiko

Guitar lesson prices can vary based on a number of factors. The table below provides some simple answers:

Guitar Lesson Type Price (low to high)
Online Guitar Lessons $10/month – $20/month

In-Person (small city, rural)

$20/hr – $60/hr
Skype Lessons $20/hr – $30/hr
In-Person (major city like Boston, NYC, LA) $30/hr – $70/hr
Guitar Center Lessons $240 for (4) 1-hour lessons
Professional Expert Instruction $80/hr – $120/hr

What are online guitar lessons?

Moosiko is an example of online guitar lessons. The nice thing about learning guitar online is that you can practice and play in the comfort of your own home and don’t need to travel anywhere. And online guitar lessons are much much cheaper than in-person lessons. Here are some benefits:


  • Learn at your own pace in the comfort of your own home
  • More affordable than in-person lessons
  • Sign up with a buddy and learn with them
  • Accessbile on any device: phone, tablet, computer

How much do guitars cost?

Guitar can range from $50 used to over $1,000 for the high end. The table below provides a quick range.


Guitar Price
Used (craigslist, Facebook marketplace, etc.) $40 – $80
New – Cheaper End $100 – $140
New – Middle of the road $200 – $300
New – high end $500 – $2,000

What Are the Sizes of Guitars?

Depending on age, you might want to consider getting smaller or larger sized guitars. The table below provides some reference for guitar sizes.

Age Guitar Size
6 or less 1/4 size
7 – 12 1/2 size
13 – 18 3/4 or Full (depending on comfort)
Adult Full


What Should I Do Next?

  1. Find a used on Craigslist or buy a new beginner guitar for ~$100
  2. If you are interested in Moosiko, click here to browse our 140 song lessons and sign up for free!
  3. If you want in-person lessons, just Google “guitar lessons near me” and find a local instructor for your price range.

Best of luck and please add your questions below!